Duct Masters suggests 2018 is a good time to remind those aged 65+ to clean their air ducts. The levels of some hazardous pollutants in indoor air has been found to be up to 70 times greater than in outdoor air (USEPA). Children and the elderly are especially affected by polluted indoor air (Department of Consumer Affairs).

With the constant negative media coverage related to air duct cleaning in the past few years, homeowners are now even more wary about who they can trust. Choosing a professional duct cleaning company may seem like a simple task with a quick glance through the phone book, but choosing the right company for you can be more complicated. The elderly often depend solely on pricing based on their current budget when selecting a duct cleaning company, which in some circumstances could lead to unsatisfactory results or worse.

Duct Masters charges as little as we can to continue in bringing our customers the quality they have come to expect, however we also understand that our pricing system may not fit into everyone’s budget. This may leave consumers with less options when it comes to duct cleaning and for that reason we decided back in 2013 we would give back to the elderly community of Montreal.

Past Winners

It’s back again Give65!

With great success in 2013 we gave away free air duct cleanings to homeowners in the Montreal area! Those over the age of 65 and who living off a fixed income pensions where entitled to a 100% free air duct cleaning provided by Duct Masters. Click here to view our past winners. There is no catch, all we ask is your agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The owner or spouse of the home must be over 65 years old (proof of age).
  • The home must be located in the Montreal and surrounding area’s (proof of ownership).
  • Only bungalow homes under 2000 sqf are permitted for Give65 (bungalow is a one level home)
  • The home must be a single furnace system. (only 1 furnace in the home)
  • The booking of cleanings will be based on similar locations. (we provide pre-selected dates)
  • Each winner will be documented requiring them to be photographed with our technicians.
  • All GIVE65 winners will be listed on our website, their photograph, first name and city location will be shared.
  • The winner agrees to share their experience on Google reviews.
  • One winner is drawn on the 1st of each month for 2018.
  • Only one submission per household. (One submission is valid for every draw in 2018)

Give65 Entry Form




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